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Noun - courage in pain, or adversity.

Synonyms - courage, bravery, strength of mind, resilience, endurance, patience, perseverance, determination, tenacity.

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Hello, and thank you for stopping by.

So where do we start?

The process of finding a counsellor and beginning therapy can often feel like a very daunting task. Whether you're feeling sad, anxious or are having family or relationship issues for example, sitting with someone who does not know you in a personal capacity, and who can offer you the time and a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings without judgement can be an invaluable experience.

Many clients often come to counselling with no prior experience or knowledge of what to expect. It is not meant to be an easy process and will only work and be effective if you’re ready to be really honest with yourself, and put in the work between sessions. Whatever your motivation for seeking therapy, my commitment to you is to offer a supportive, confidential, and safe space to take a step back and help you unpack and explore what is going on for you right now.

Going at your pace, we will assess your current situation, wants and needs, thoughts and feelings and I will support you in gaining insight and exploring your choices, and in moving towards change if appropriate.

Our work together may include identifying patterns of behaviour that may no longer be helpful to you or challenging your self-concept or negative thoughts and feelings. Your problems are like you, unique and individual, and that is how I will treat you. 

What support can I offer you?

I am an integrative therapist which means that I integrate into my way of working, skills and techniques from a variety of different schools and theoretical approaches to counselling in order to fit each individual clients needs. 

Having and maintaining a workable knowledge of different theoretical approaches enables me to be adaptable, and make the therapeutic work we do together work for you and your needs. 

Areas of counselling I work with...







Family issues

Loss of identity or sense of self

Low self-esteem

Relationship issues 


These are just of the few areas in which I can help. If there is something that you are looking for support with, that is not on the list above, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask.