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This year has been a game changer for many people both in their personal and professional lives, and the same can be said for the way I am currently able to practice and continue to work with clients.

My preferred way of working, face to face with clients in my counselling room, has not been an option since March. I have therefore adapted my practice so that I am able to continue working with clients and being able to offer support during this incredibly challenging time, whilst ensuring the safety of my clients, as well as adhering to government guidelines.

I am currently able to offer socially distanced walk and talk therapy, and online or telephone therapy.

Walk and talk therapy / walking therapy

Walk and talk therapy brings with it a number of benefits. Walking is scientifically proven to lower stress and anxiety levels and improve mood,  combining this physical activity with talking therapy can cultivate new ideas and release stress and tension.

With walking therapy, we would find a safe, quiet and local place to wander (at a social distance, of course) whilst working therapeutically.

If you live within a ten mile radius of Hillam, North Yorkshire, and this is of interest to you, please do get in touch. 

Online and telephone counselling

I offer counselling online via:




and over the telephone.